Lash Applicator




  1. Carefully remove the strip from the tray. Be gentle.
  2. Measure the lash strip against your eye.
  3. Trim any necessary overhang starting from the longest end
  4. Apply one coat of mascara to your natural lash prior to application
  5. Apply a thin coat of strip lash adhesive to the band and allow it to get tacky
  6. Using your AfterV lash applicator, place the strip lash on top of your lashes. Start by placing the middle of the lash to the middle of your lash line and then secure the ends.
  7. Make sure the strip is as close as possible to your natural lid to avoid gaps.


Lash Removal

  1. Never soak your mink lashes in water. This can ruin the natural curl of the fur and cause unnecessary shedding
  2. Do not apply mascara directly to your mink lashes
  3. Use an eyelash brush/comb to remove any debris from the lash. You can also spot clean using a cotton swab and an OIL FREE makeup remover
  4. Once the lash has acquired glue buildup on the band, utilize your AfterV lash applicator or your fingers to GENTLY remove the excess glue from the band. Make sure to pull only the glue and not the band.
  5. Store your lashes in its original packaging to preserve the shape and protect them from dust and bacteria
  6. Never tug at your mink lashes from the hairs, always from the band